Wednesday 29 November 2017

Please FDC reflect the democracy you profess

On November 24, Uganda's biggest opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), elected Patrick Oboi Amuriat as the new party president. Mr Amuriat, who defeated the incumbent Gregory Mugisha Muntu, will lead the FDC for the next five years. 

However, the FDC party that is supposed to be celebrating the election is now embroiled in squabbles. The supporters of Muntu were upset by the election results and have deliberately refused to recognize that the majority party delegates rejected the incumbent.

Voted in: Amuriat
Please pardon my ignorance. Up to now I don’t understand what the hullabaloo from the FDC party president election aftermath is all about. Was the election rigged? Does the Muntu camp believe they were short-changed? Do they believe Amuriat won unfairly? Why this uproar? Aren’t they the ones who always claim they believe in democracy, where the majority wins? So why cry after being defeated? Did they expect Muntu and Amuriat to win at the same time? Just grow up and practice what you profess. 
Voted out: Muntu

Today, the two biggest challenges many Ugandans face are: tolerance and respecting the masses’ views. Just because MPs or the so called big wigs supported a particular candidate who failed to go through does not mean the masses’ choice is wrong. Stop being selfish! It's time you people in the FDC reflected the democracy you claim to promote.

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