Sunday, 20 April 2008

Agony at Handover of Budo Inferno Remains

Endless sorrow. The cruelty and pain forces of nature inflict on humanity. Grief and agony all over the world.

This is what characterised last week, the third week of April 2008, when fire sent to death twenty pupils of Budo Junior Primary school in the night of Monday April 14.

Mourning and sheer agony covered the faces of all those who attended the government's handover of the remains of the Budo infernal victims at Mulago Hospital's Department of Anatomy Saturday April 19, nearly a week after this horrific incident.

Most mourners, old and young, as well as the bereaved parents were overwhelmed by emotions on the sight of burnt corpses of their dear children.

It was a touching and hard time for parents who had entrusted their children with the school authorities only to be sent an SOS of the demise of their offsprings.

One of the parents sent mourners to tears when she groaned that her only eldest child should pass away in such a horrible manner!

"She was my only oldest child at home. Whenever she would come, I would send her to fetch water for me. Whom shall I send? She, indeed, was a source of comfort in our home," the youhful mother lamented.

Some parents were somehow relieved that they had, at last, been reunited with the bodies of their children. "This will somehow help me believe I burried my own daughter myself." One of the aggrieved parents said.

The bodies were handed over to the parents on Saturday evenning under close supervision of the Police.

The Police said they were investigating the cause of the fire that gutted Budo's premises on April 14.

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