Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Net is not Uniform

If you wanted to test a man’s sincerity, serve him a bad cup of tea. If he praises for it, then better not to trust him.

A person with a strange trait walks with it. For sure that person never changes. This is why wise men listen to a few words and learn. They restrict themselves excessively to good behaviour.

The repeated appointment of certain individuals to higher positions in leadership after their renowned record of graft is not unsurprising. Some are pampered and shielded from the arm of the law. Is it design of Providence?

I will not commit myself to such incredulity. A few guys are born with trio heads. Others are judged basing on their birth rites.

It has continuously left me with a splitting headache every time I ponder why some people are not answerable to the law. Yet it is the same law that states; every body, broadly speaking, is equal in the eyes of the law.

Well, who told you? In "Animal Farm", all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Have you forgotten this simple truth? Come on!

Corrupt ‘senior citizens’, as they have been baptized, unleash terror on the subjects. The hapless citizens are infested with tuberculosis, whooping cough, polio, poverty, and the like.

The senior citizen thinks only of his protruded belly as the one in a much needy condition than the ailing TB and AIDS population. But a healthy population is the greatest asset any nation can have.

I am taken aback when I hear masquerading society leaders not only pleading but grieving over apprehension of 'elite thieves'. The supposed-liberators have more mercy for their bellies than the poverty ridden Ugandans.

A fatty sum of cash has been abused in this country. The once named the Pearl of Africa’s Crown is now a haven for corruption of all calibre.

In the recent past, a senior citizen was commissioned to construct valley dams in parts of the country but the dams are visible with aid of a powerful political microscope. This Senior citizen was never touched. Leave alone interrogating her. Justice!

Another one was appointed minister in education sector but misappropriated UPE funds. The good gentleman was summarily reshuffled. He has shrived on. Of late the same person was made a cabinet minister.

To test his sincerity the humble guy raked up the bed-ridden electorate’s Gavi funds. Yes, we liberated this country. Leave us alone.

Not over, a number of historicals in the party have fallen for side tea notion. It is like it is not illicit to chew some tea in our socialization processes. All you have to do is stretch your long arm deep into a juicy government pocket; and fly to Scandinavia to munch what immoral arm has grabbed.

Jokes aside, anyhow. The one with a big head seldom escapes traps. So watch out! Someone out there is observing at a safe distance. Time will reveal those flattering our innocent leaders.

But some people are small enough to be caught up by the long arm of the law. Is the net uniform to trap all fish?

Mubatsi Asinja Habati

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