Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Exam stress, stand it

Stress is eating up campusers at this time with the exam season setting in. Panicky faces are evident in almost every student's eyes. Many who never read in time become the most pertubed and moody.
Those fellas who have hair on their heads never shave and use this as reason to move with uncombed hair. They no longer have interest in events happening in their world. All they care about is how they can pass the test ahead of them. If, at this time, a quiz on the current affairs was given, about aquarter would pass.

But why the rush? They wasted time in the early stages of the semester. So they want to cover up. Ooops! They badly want that make up time to recover the lost time. Did they forget that time lost is never recovered?
Pressure from course assignments that come during the examination timeline is overwhelming as one is often in constant panic of when they would revise or prepare for impending exams. The ill-prepared student detests them like one hates to see an abrupt visitor as they prepare for a date.

When real time comes the student is nearly crazy. Some forget about attending social hour events such as church fellowship leave alone social gatherings. Almost they lose touch with the outside world. Checking on email for what their friends could have emailed them becomes unthinkable.
If a relative or pestering pal sends you an SMS there is little attention paid to it. They don't rush to read it. If they afford the luxury to read, the reply is hazy and too brief and full of confusing SMS jargon.

It is during this time that those students, who also happen to have never joined any academic discussion group, start forensic hunts for one. Whether they succeed is altogether another matter that I cannot handle now. But in those discussion groups they are always liability members who only are often on the receiving side.

As time for seating the first and second papers comes, the students are used. They will have gone through adaptation process and can now handle the situation since they have no alternative. The impression gotten from the experience of the first paper will determine the rate and interest in reading for the next paper.

Sighs of relief are breathed when exams' hook is unhooked. When exams end, normalcy resumes. Save for a few idle talk-questions of how the exam was feature but less prominent. Yeah, end of exam period stabilises things. Guys resume hanging around and chics continue frantic hunts for outings to the beach, classic leisurely places and in the weekends nearly all roads lead to nightclubs to bury the burdened body of exam stress .

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