Monday, 1 March 2010

Might Gulu become Uganda’s Kogelo?

Might Gulu become Uganda’s Kogelo?
He won the DP presidency after a fierce contest with Kampala Mayor Nasser Sebaggala and he is now ready to roll in the 2011 election politics that shall define who will lead this county. His opponents should be back to the drawing board to find new strategy to campaign for their parties against the charismatic, Norbet Mao. Mao returned to his home district of Gulu where he was treated to a heroic welcome. Mao now claims in him there is a person who can unite Ugandans claiming he has social background to all the regions of the country.
But Mao faces the uphill challenge of putting his DP house together after factions threaten to tear it apart. A day after the outcome of the Mbale DP delegates’ conference, his sole challenger, Sebaggala has since denounced DP and plans to start his own political party alleging DP Mbale elections were not free and fair.
Barely two weeks in office, Mao has launched a tirade against President Museveni claiming that Ugandans no longer want people who cling to power like a tick does on cattle. Addressing residents of Gulu town where he is the LC V chairman, Mao said 2011 will be a defining moment for the ballot papers will defeat the bullets.
Calling for restoration of presidential term limits, Mao said: “We don’t want leaders who cling to power like ticks. We ended the era of one-man’s rule in DP and we shall not be corrupt. There is a new wave of leadership coming and we want you to be part of that wave. Let Museveni be the last President to walk on blood to go to State House.”

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