Monday, 14 April 2008

Elections are Over

It is now over. Those who have been thinking hard on how to win one more vote you can breathe a sigh of relief. The big work is up. The time for Makerere political campaigns has ended.

Somehow it was a period of ecstasy. "I have come to deliver you. I am the political Obama sent to you here in Makerere. Vote a leader who will listen." " Hullo-o-o-o! Eeh Makerere oyee! So and so Oyee! Logistics Oyee! So and so Zhee!"

These were a few of the numerous expressions and catch words used by the Makerere political candidates to woo their electorate. It was a hot period for those who woke up one morning and thought of contesting for one of Makerere's political offices.

It is today true that this political hysteria has come to pass. OK. Now you need to settle for academic work. And for those who never made it to the political office, I am afraid Im going to say sorry. It is not the end of life to lose. You only need to Know why you lost and next time be keen.

For the successful politicains, bravo. Nevertheles, recall the promises you have made to to your eletorate. Be committed to the peolple you lead. You need not to work to liberate your bellies. Most important, you are to lead and not to rule the gallant intellectuals.

However, the one who would supply "logistics" was standing better chances of becoming popular not for their brilliant ideas but logistics. But must we vote people because they have 'given us something to chew'? Is it right anyway to bribe voters in otherwards? Brainstorm about it.

By the way, you will not need to forgo the prime reason of your being at University. So ensure there is an accurate balance between your academic and political commitments. You, as upcoming political animals, are on the right path. Go ahead. Keep this experiment on and never to lose hope if you have not succeeded. True, there must be a winner and we cannot all be winners.

Political leaders your electorate expects you to live up to the that solemn oath you have taken on the day you swore in. It is a big test. Do not let us down.

Some people think politics is dirty. On the contrary, I will say it is clean if one has a clean mind. When you are in for the people and not solely for your stomach, family, friends and relatives; politics can be very clean. Therefore honourable Makerere politicians shun nepotism, corrupt, and tribalistic or ethnic tendencies. When you do this, politics will be a clean game.

Success as you explore the political as well as academic world of Makerere University.

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