Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Uganda's Hope for peace dashed

On Thursday last week, the LRA leader failed to show up to sign the would-be peace pact that coul have ended the 21-year-old civil war in Northern Uganda.

The elusive rebel leader claimed that he was not very sure of how the local justice system of "Matuputu" would work on him. This is more complicated by the International Criminal Court [ICC] standing arrest warrants for Joseph Kony and his other clleagues.

People in north of Uganda had eagerly waited for the falling of peace on their land once again but this was never true. The Ugandan public received this shocking news with mixed reactions.

Whereas to some people it was not news, to others Kony had disappointed them by not committing himself to the peaceful agreement that would have led to the peaceful settlement of the two decade-old conflict.

The Ugandan government is still hopeful that Kony will come out clearly one day and sign the agreement that will bring peace to the region.

The LRA rebels have been fighting the government of president Museveni since 1987. In early 2006, government and the LRA rebels opted to talk peace to bring the 21 year-old war to an end.

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