Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Uganda's amusing laws

Mubatsi Asinja Habati

Uganda is never out of amusements. This time round the government is coming up with laws that will kill many with laughter.

Hear this: if you have failed to feed your family a balanced diet, you must obviously be on watch for the police. They will arrest you. Malnutrition is to become a crime. This is part of what is the food and nutrition bill 2008 that awaits being tabled to parliament.

But there is this one: poor people too will be arrested. If you are poor and unable to meet the basic needs for your family you suffer arrest. That is not enough: those people with jiggers have to end up in prison also.

Ha! This one will invoke the anger of many. Don’t divorce until two years if you later realised you got a wrong number after tying the knot.

A few weeks ago, DP rally was blocked because DP political noise was contravened NEMA rules. The other day Makerere proposed to ban mini skirts from campus premises. And now guess what? Married partners who coerce others into sex will be arraigned to courts of law.

The minister of state for fisheries,Mukisa, while addressing journalists at the Media Centre yesterday, said such laws, like the one on poverty, are geared towards encouraging the spirit of hardworking among Ugandans.

Well! Well, some laws we have never heard of and are being resurrected in certain situations. One wonders why?

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